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VBC Supports Keyworkers

In recent events, we have seen many key workers struggling to keep on top of the Covid-19, yet none have given up. Every single day, they give up hours of their times to look after our every need, from Bin men, to store assistants. From Volunteers to top scientists. From Bus drivers to Delivery drivers. But most importantly, the amazing NHS, Carers, and support workers. Not once have they given up, so that we, as a species, can continue with our lives to the best we can.

This gave me the idea of designing something so that we can show more support and thanks to these incredible hero's who have been there on the frontline, to keep us going through even the darkest of times.

To all the keyworkers and essential workers. Thank you <3

All Profits will be donated to each of these services who's workers keep going through this pandemic, and keeping us going! So please, Please do give this a share, so we can support those who are supporting us, and give them the biggest thank you ever

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Michael Dade


Good quality, great communication and timely shipping!!!

Michael Dade


Absolutely awesome shirt, very timely fullfillment and communication!!!!